Nicky Kay and his Fabulous Kay-Tones

Rockabilly Ball - Seattle 2005

I just re-discovered these photos of the Fabulous Kay-Tones featuring Maery Lanahan in Seattle and wanted to share a few, courtesy of

This was a unique show for the Kay-Tones. Maery, who had recently moved to Seattle, fronted the band at the “Women in Rockabilly” night, Crazy Joe played electric bass, and long-time friend and musical collaborator Tom Vandervort played drums.

I think we had all of one practice, earlier that day at a very nice home owned by a friend of Tom’s. We also spent time with our friend Shannon, and good buddy Andy Valeri who just happened to be in town at the time.

It was a great night, we had a blast and Crazy Joe later tore up the joint with his own band, the Mad River Outlaws.

Although the Kay-Tones have been dormant for some time now, we collected a lot of great experiences and memories. I just thought I would share this one.