Nick Kizirnis - INTO THE LOUD

hydroponic mascara volume two THE FULL-LENGTH SOLO DEBUT!
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If a resume could equal CD sales, Dayton, Ohio’s Nick Kizirnis would have a wall lined with gold records. Often compared to a modern day Neil Young, Kizirnis is happy to play rock one day, surf instrumentals the next and perhaps wrap the week up in a swing, rockabilly outfit.

The latest Kizirnis project, and his first “solo” record, is a 15 track CD on ATOM Records called Into the Loud. The new disc is best described as “classic Dayton alternative rock,” if such a term exists in a city where Guided by Voices and The Breeders rose to national acclaim.

On Into The Loud, Kizirnis is helped by former GBV and Breeders drummer Jim MacPherson, as well as John Shough, Maery Lanahan, Todd Robinson and “Crazy” Joe Tritschler - all adding to that “Dayton sound.” There is even a GBV cover tune, Hank’s Little Fingers.

Into The Loud is an upbeat, catchy record that has melodies and chords that will stick in your head for days.